Heapar File Explorer Control .NET 1.0: Sometimes software developers need for a control like Windows Explorer to work w

Heapar File Explorer Control .NET 1.0

Sometimes software developers need for a control like Windows Explorer to work with the file system directories and files. Our file explorer control allows you to explorer the file system. The file explorer control allows you to navigate your file system. You could develop your own Windows Explorer using Heapar File Explorer .NET control.

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Explorer View File Viewer File viewer: Powerpoint viewer plus more than 200 file types.

Explorer View File Viewer

Explorer View is a file viewer built into Winodws Explorer. Full and instant preivew of more than 300 file types. Explorer View is a Powerpoint viewer, a DWG viewer, Excel viewer, PDF viewer. Click on a document, photo, music file or video to instantly display or play its contents, even if you do not have the files creating software installed. Save time viewing your files in Windows Explorer with Explorer View. Download now - 30 day trial.

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AthTek File Master 1.3: AthTek File Master is both an encryption software and file management software.

AthTek File Master 1.3

AthTek File Master is both an encryption software and file management software rather than a simple file manager like windows explorer. AthTek File Master can convert ordinary file into compressed binary data. The binary data is saved in a protected database and kept away from virus and attack. After backup the binary database, you can delete the primary files from windows explorer, for you can recover them from AthTek File Master conveniently.

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FileLog 2008 v1.4.0 1.4.0: Track and save file changes. Go back to previous revisions at any time.

FileLog 2008 v1.4.0 1.4.0

FileLog Repository Explorer you can restore any revisions of files. 4. Restore file Versions or deleted files You can use FileLog Version Explorer to view or restore any versions of your files, even a file that is deleted from hard drive permanently. 5. Distinguish File status with FileLog labels Tracked files are marked with labels indicating its status in Windows File Explorer. You can easily distinguish those files that are modified, in tracking

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Audio Visualizer 1: Ultra quick audio visual file explorer, quicker than QuickViewPlus

Audio Visualizer 1

File Explorer An ultra quick (very much quicker than Quick View Plus) Audio Visual File Explorer. Very quickly and with a single mouse click explores hundreds of (audio) sound, image and textual files. Very useful when the user needs to very quickly get to know the contents of many files (text, sound, images, video) in a very short time. With Audio Visualizer you do not have to wait to go from one file to the other. Supported File formats: Image

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CacheXtraktor 2.1: Extract file from the Internet Explorer cache and copy as unique files

CacheXtraktor 2.1

files explorer utility witch let you extract files from the internet explorer temporary (cache explorer) where Internet Explorer save file during navigation. The cache explorer is rich of useful images (png, gif, bmp, exif, jpg etc), JavaScript (JScript), VBScrpt, HTML code, CSS sources, Flash Movies, Video Movies (FLV, MPEG, AVI, MOV etc), downloaded programs, RAR and ZIP archives etc, that you can use. But this Internet Explorer Temporary Cache

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Universal Explorer 5.1: A super turbo-charged Windows Explorer File Manager and Viewer

Universal Explorer 5.1

It is a powerful Windows Explorer replacement designed to replace the rather restricted features of the standard Windows Explorer file management program. It is fully featured and offers many advantages to Windows Explorer. With Universal Explorer, you can manage your files (move/copy/paste/delete) quickly and effectively. Plus, you can also VIEW and EDIT almost any file directly in UE without launching the files native application!

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FilePreviewer 1.0: Allows you to preview files in Windows Explorer without launching other programs

FilePreviewer 1.0

FilePreviewer adds a panel in Windows Explorer which lets you to see the content of files while you are in Windows Explorer. With FilePreviewer you don`t need to launch any other applications to preview your files. When you select a file in Windows Explorer, you see its content on the FilePreviewer panel. FilePreviewer saves you time when you are searching for documents, pictures, HTML pages and other files. FilePreviewer is easy to use and does

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Handy Explorer for Sony Ericsson 1.0: Powerful file management software for your Sony Ericsson (Symbian UIQ)

Handy Explorer for Sony Ericsson 1.0

Explorer is powerful file management software for Sony Ericsson P910 / P900 / P800, BenQ P30 and Motorola A925. Handy Explorer brings Windows Explorer style folder navigation to UIQ smartphones. With Handy Explorer software you can browse all drives, files and folders, search for files, and prevent unwanted data loss with Recycle Bin. Handy Explorer software consists of the following tabs (views): - Tree view - Windows Explorer style folder navigation

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Resco Explorer 2010 8.00: An award winning software that manages files in a fast, powerful, and easy way

Resco Explorer 2010 8.00

Explorer 2008 is a winner of numerous prestigious awards and it has been the best selling file manager for many years. It is the first explorer for the windows mobile platform with Full Touch Optimization. New features in the 2008 version include the Letter Bar Navigation, Quick Search and Virtual Folders for more types of documents. The Registry Editor, Network browser, Today Plugin, FTP Explorer and the Recycle Bin are other handy features users

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